And The Crowd Goes Wild: Sport Stories For Fans

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Books that can recreate the most exciting moments in sports history can provide fans with an exciting way to explore the past. If you are passionate about sports, learning a little more about great moments that have helped to define the games you love could be a very rewarding opportunity. With countless titles and books available, selecting the ones that will provide you with the most satisfaction and hours of reading enjoyment could be a much easier proposition than you might have Read more…

Pinky-Promise You’ll Love These Stories For Friends

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On a hot summer day, nothing is better than sitting in the shade while you lose yourself in a good book. To foster this love of reading, parents should introduce their children to books at a young age. There are many books that are must-reads, including some classics and newer stories.

Young children enjoy rhyming books, as the rhythm of the words is easy to follow. Dr. Seuss books, such as “Yertle the Turtle” and “One Fish, Two Fish” are favorites of many children.

As children get older, their tastes in books may begin to expand, and parents can introduce Read more…

School Stories For Students Who Love Learning

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Students who love learning have become increasingly more rare in today’s society. Some students even make transformations from being lazy slackers to being at the top of their class, wrecking the curve and burying their noses in the books. When students are younger, they often feel pressured by their peers to not care about their grades. Today’s youth often see studying as an “uncool” activity. However, once students leave secondary school and go to college, they often gain a new appreciation for their studies. College is a place of maturity and Read more…

Globetrotting Readers: Stories From Other Cultures

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Reading a story from another other cultures can be a fun and fascinating experience. They show just how wide and varied the people, places, and animals of Earth can be and show that a story doesn’t have to take place in a fantasy land or alien planet to be unique and amazing.

Whether it’s a story from Japan, Africa, the Scandinavian region, Greece, Ireland, India, South America, Native Americans, or any of hundreds of others, these stories can tell Read more…

Beach Books You’ll Pack Every Year

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Reading is a great summer activity for children of all ages. It helps improve their reading skills and is a great form of entertainment. Getting caught up in a good book is something that all children should experience. There are great beach books that your child of any age will love whether they like to read or not. Here is a list of some of the best beach books for children of all ages.

World Without Fish by Mark Kurlansky
This is a great book that ties in a great story with what Read more…

Royal Reading: Tales Every Princess Will Love

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We’re all familiar with the classic tales of Cinderella, Snow White and Beauty and the Beast. While no child’s library should be without those particular stories, there are other wonderful fairy tales that will steal the hearts of little princes and princesses alike.

The Wild Swans
This fairy tale follows the adventures of Princess Elisa, whose eleven brothers have been turned into swans by the a wicked queen. Elisa is the only one who can help, Read more…

Fairy Tales They’ll Never Grow Out Of

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There are certain stories that endure for children, becoming fairy tales that they will never grow out of. These tales have turned into films and plays repeatedly over time, renewing their magic for children each time.

Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and similar princess tales are extremely popular with young girls. The Grimm Brothers recorded these stories long ago, and they are repeatedly re-introduced for the next generation. The current spin on these tales has been given a new twist, giving a stronger female presence to Read more…

Best Books For Any Age: The Classics

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Maybe your kids watch too much DIRECTV or maybe they’re just not all that into reading. We’ve got a few things to change that! You’ve got to read with your kids to get them excited and here are a few of our multi-age suggestions to keep your kids coming back to the classics
If You Give a Mouse a Cookie: This one’s great and everyone’s read it and Read more…

Learning Through Literature: Books To Tickle Their Brains

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We live in a visually concrete world. Objects are visible for the most part. There are things in our world that we only feel like the wind. There are things that we only know through knowledge and science like the distance of the sun and the moon. These things in our world are taken for granted by all living things on earth. To tickle the brain of a human one needs only to reach out into the world of fantasy and watch that person’s Read more…

Hilarious Books That Will Keep ‘Em Laughing

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One of the best ways to get children to read is exposing them to fun, humorous, and inviting books. There are many children’s books geared toward this one goal, and they are written with some hilarious passages.

Shel Silverstein is one of the master authors that can get kids to laugh. His books include “A Light in the Attic” and “Where the Sidewalk Ends.” These books contain a collection of poems that are down to earth and Read more…